Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well, that was quick.

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. My current day job consumes nearly all my waking hours, so blogging got kicked on down the line along with the many other non-essential things in my life such as basic hygiene, interpersonal communication, etc... But my current gig is wrapping up, so here's the latest, and some not-so-the-latest.

Remember The Sloppy Seconds? The project that was moved from CN's shorts program to regular development? Yeah, well it dropped out of regular development. This was in early March. Not too surprising, since my boards plunged right into deep end of the TV-PG crib sheet I was given. More so than where CN probably wants to be. Besides, it was to be an animated cartoon, which by many accounts is something that makes CN nervous these days. So I own it outright now, and can shop it around. Anyone interested in a slam-dunk for a 15 to 30 y.o. male-skewed lowbrow physical-gag driven paradigm shift? Give my people a call.

In other news, my Thesis film was shown at USC's annual screening in March and also piqued some interest. The good kind. Hopefully something will come of it that I can put in a substantive post, but anything I write presently would be irresponsibly premature and wildly speculative. And as you regular readers know, that's a habit I'm trying to quit.