Friday, July 06, 2007

With Apologies to Jim Flora

I'm contributing these two pieces to a group art show called Copyright Infringement at Cartoon Network Studios.

They're my take on what record covers would look like in the alternate universe where Jim Flora was commissioned to do the art for Sabbath and The Stooges. Or something like that.

They're hand-pulled screen prints. The show will be up for about a month or so.

It opens this coming Tuesday, the 10th at 5:30. If you are handy to Burbank, come by and see these and some other good stuff.


michaela said...

Nice.Way to go Greg! When is the opening again? So is that the same gallery you saw the Matt Furie stuff? I can't find too much of the fort thunder guy's work online do you have any of his comics at home?

greg said...

The opening was yesterday, Tuesday, the 10th at 5:30. Just like it says at the bottom of the post! But the show will be up for about a month, at my work. So come by for lunch and you can check it out.

I do have (and recommend) Matt Brinkman's Teratiod Heights. It probably won't displace Cola Fever as your favorite comic, but it could be a close second.

Marc Deckter said...


I'd like to see these in person.

But where's the Fantomas album cover??? =]

Innisanimate said...

Great stuff, Greg. Glad to see you have an outlet to share the inner workings of your unique brain with the rest of the world. I'm a better man already for it. ;)

And thanks to linking to your flicker page. It was great to see your shiny new baby...or was that drool? And when did you go to France? Great pics.