Monday, May 05, 2008

Mission: Accomplished

I've graduated. I'm certain that I have. Last Friday, I met with the Thesis committee and showed my assembly reel, which has the character animation completed, but lacks the tight editing and effects layers that will imbue the film with a nice lustrous sheen. And sound, it needs some sound, but I've got that angle covered.

So despite most of my presentation being fraught with technical snafus, it went very well. Well enough that at the end, I filled out a form and was warmly congratulated by all present. It was very nice, but also something like running a marathon for so long that when you cross the finish line, you continue running past the cheering crowds and out of sight, with the fat ornamental finish line ribbon trailing from your face.

I'll post some BGs when I get a moment, and also some clips when I get the effects dropped in. Keep checking.


Marc Deckter said...

Congratulations Greg!

100% MFA !

Looking forward to the upcoming bg's & clips...

*daisy said...

whoo hoo!!! :) congrats!! that must be SUCH a huge relief to finally have it (officially) off your chest, ya?

greg said...

oh yeah. now, on to new things.

forward movement is underrated.