Saturday, February 14, 2009

H.G. > F.G.? (and also some other news.)

So I just completed my first week over at Disney TV Animation. I'm working in the Frank G. Wells building, which seems to me just one initial off from being a far more fantastical and perilous workplace. Despite that, I'm in the development division, working on storyboards for show pilots created for the new XD channel. It's pretty fun, but I still don't know what the "XD" stands for. Rest assured, finding that out will be my first priority for week #2.

In other news, the short I pitched at Cartoon Network has been moved out of the Cartoonstitute shorts program and into "regular" development. I can't really comment on this further, because I have yet to meet with the new stewards of my show, but the only thing I know with any certainty is The Sloppy Seconds will not be made into a short. At least not in its current form.

I do hope the Cartoonstitute continues, though. The first batch of shorts produced both in-house and overseas was screened for the Flash crew recently, and word is they're looking good. Pringle and the crew are running a clinic on spinning straw into gold over there, raising the bar on what's possible with Flash. There's a wide variety of art direction among the shorts, and it seems Pringle is translating that into a variety of animation styles as well. It's cool to see them stretch out and show off where they can take things.


Josh Lieberman said...

well said sir.
Good luck at XD (Extreme Disney? Possibly? Except, without the "E" because "X"'s are more extreme?)

Let me know what happens with regular development.

greg said...

"XD" stands for just that. "XD." But you're free to infer as many derivatives of XTREEEM as you wish. As such, I am making sure my interoffice correspondence is in ALL CAPS.

Prophet Buddy said...

I think the animators really hate me now. I don't think they know I'm really serious when I say to animate on 3's.
I hope they do decide to 'fast track' Sloppy Seconds and we'll get to see its pilot in 2012.

anthony said...

No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft.

That's from H.G. to the Wells.

anthony said...

The advancing Morlocks from your post remind that Harvey Milk will be playing in Athens on the 26th.