Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Part LXXCIVII: Jason vs. Ricky

It's your lucky day. I have two updates. Firstly, here's a clip from the show I'm working on at the Wild Brains. It's the Ricky Gervais podcast from a few years ago, but now, cartoonified! Cartoon Brew ran a clip a few days ago, and their readership faithfully generated a wonderfully diverse list of reasons to not like it. Tough crowd. As someone directly involved in the production of the show, I have empirically determined that it is funny. Of course it's because the original audio is funny, and the added visuals are designed to complement rather than upstage or detract from that, but this show is eliciting genuinely spontaneous laughter. The people building this cartoon are laughing - bitter, sullen animators, zombified, Avid-bound editors, and Kellman, don't get me started on Kellman - all actually laughing at this show despite being so close to it. That just doesn't happen. So if its making us laugh, then something must be working.

Secondly, I updated my website. After several days of tinkering, I can proudly say that I am now an expert at generating a window full of ActionScript 3 Compiler errors. But it works well enough that I can stop beating on it and call it done-ish. Plus, it's all modular, so if I ever make anything new again, my webpage will automatically sniff it out of the wild and seamlessly drop it into the appropriate gallery*. So check it out and get back to me. That's your job. Thanks.

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