Friday, March 30, 2007

The Opposite of Prolific

I'm back. Searching for and then moving to a new place with a five month-old infant in tow is not something I recommend.

Anyways, while I'm getting back up to speed, I'll post some not so recent stuff. Here's a luchador walk cycle:


Kristen said...

How Cool! He's really squishy! I like it!!!

akira said...

wow that's so awesome.. sorry to spoil the magic, but is it made in a 2d or 3d program? AWESOME can't wait for more.

greg said...

Thanks. I'm doing pretty much all the character stuff in Flash, which is a 2d program. Any time I stray from Flash makes for good blogging, so if I start busting out some crazy procedural effects or 3d, I'll try and explain it all in another post.

chris georgenes said...

great walk cycle!